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Client Testimonials
"Wendy is an authentic healer.  Her skilled hands seek out troubled areas and massage them back into harmony with the rest of the body.  She is one of the best bodyworkers I have ever experienced."  Brian Bouch, MD
"It's really a feeling you have to experience, you just feel better in so many ways.  I felt like a whole new person.  Not only did it help immensely with my anxiety, but I have two herniated discs and it really made a world of difference for my back.  Things I had trouble with before, such as sleeping, chronic headaches, muscle spasm and stress have been minimized or eliminated by shiatsu massage.  The best part is, there are no medicines or pain involved.  I also took my 9 year old daughter to see Wendy after she was involved in a traumatic event.  I am absolutely amazed at how much it has helped with her energy and ability to sleep."  Anonymous
In 1988 I was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune arthritic disease.  I have found great relief from Wendy's Shiatsu massage therapy.  What I also appreciate is her drive to continually learn new techniques."  James Shatara, Electrical Engineer